Having been a fitness and dance instructor for over two decades, Grigol Kranz noticed there are certain habits that healthy, fit people seem to share:

  • They find ways to stay fit while having fun.  Grinding away at a gym may be fun to some, but others find the pleasure of gaining a cardio workout from an elegant dance routine.

  • They take the ability to move and enjoy their body seriously.

  • They find a coach or personal trainer who can work with them in any stage of life, fitness, or injury – and create a custom regime designed for their body specifically.

Grigol Kranz doesn’t train athletes.  He train people who want to be fit, healthy, and who want to retain the joys of strength and motion.  Whether their goal is to run their first marathon, or still have energy at the end of a day walking the cobbled streets of Paris; His vision for his clients is the same – a healthy, fit body that will serve them well, no matter their lifestyle.