After realizing how important fitness was to his competitive dancing, Grigol became passionate for personal training.  He studied and became a certified personal trainer with the goal of sharing his knowledge with his clients.  His numerous certifications will enhance his knowledge, but it’s his personality that makes his training unique. 

“All my certifications attest to my mechanical knowledge of the human body, and how to maximize its performance for various fitness goals.  However, all the certifications in the world couldn’t compare to the empathy and compassion I have for my clients.  I listen to what you want out of a fitness regiment, to your goals.  I ask about what limits you, and how we can overcome those limitations.  By becoming more than just someone who leads you through exercises, I can guide you not only to fitness, but to confidence and joy in the beauty of movement in your body.”

But just in case you also want to know the certifications Grigol has achieved:

In the training of his clients, Grigol adds components of balance, body awareness, and nutrition to ensure a well rounded personal training program.  Every customer receives a personalized workout program tailored to their goals – whether you are seeking to become the next ballroom dance champion, or want to become more physically fit, Grigol will work with your goals and limitations to create the ideal workout.

Grigol understands that everyone leads such busy lives nowadays, and has enhanced his FIT2FIT program with his “On the Go” addition.  He customizes a video workout to add to the already unique fitness program for each client, allowing his busy and travelling clients to continue their fitness journey anywhere – from West Palm Beach and beyond.

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